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December 06, 2010


Steve Morrison

Or she could be an opportunist, being encouraged by the anti-wikileak lobby. If that is the case, then as the courts usually do, place more trust in the "victim's" allegations than the truth. Mr. Assange does have is problems. However according to his lawyer (recently) he has yet to be officially notified under European law of a charge against him. So, so far the allegations have no legal merit. (Think it is called article 6)


Well said. And if you don't mind the 2 cents of someone who's worked in a sexual assault centre for 13 years, there is only ONE reason anyone is paying attention to the women. Only ONE reason his name is on the Interpol list. Wikileaks.

If they didn't want to shut down Assange because he's a thorn in their side, you can bet the sexual assault charge would be in the same pile we see every day - the "send her home" pile that comprises approximately 80% of the women who attempt to report sexual assault in our fair city.

If Assange is guilty he should be held accountable. But if he's held accountable, it should be for violence against women. Sadly, should he go to jail on these charges, I can guarantee it will *really* be for daring to challenge power.


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