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February 04, 2006



Come on, the second one is pretty problematic. You really can't understand why, as muslim arabs are increasingly under attack, people might be upset about having their faith - and themselves by association - portrayed as inherently violent?


So what if they are offensive? The cartoons have flushed out the so-called peace-loving Mohammedans. Violent fanatics seem to be in the majority in the affected countries.


I don't get it either, Must be because I'm a Pagen. Or something close to it, I'm all lost when it comes to that stuff as well.


Violent fanatics are not the majority. There are a small vocal minority getting all the press. I did not post the cartons in order to give people an excuse to make racist comments. I did it to make a point about free speech and the intolerance of fundamentalists.


as usual- much to do about nothing. Especially when so many are suffering from lack of food and medical care. Situations that the Profit said his followers should do something about. I also believe a man of God would never result to violence to slove a situation.


Not the majority? Maybe, maybe not, see:
also: the followers Mohammedan constitute a religion, not a race, therefore anti-moslem sentiments are not necessarily racism.

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