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May 15, 2005



Can't log into blogger from home, unfortunately, but will link up asap.

Great job. I **love** the way you linked the photos right into the Carnival. (Before I get hatemail, as well, BooBoo was *not* hurt by the tail trick.)

Boxing Alcibiades


m0nkeyman: wonderful carnival, and I love the linked one... I can't imagine how the tail-hang can be enjoyable for BooBoo, and I hope Boxing Alcibiades is prepared for the flames that are going to rain down. Not a very good idea to muck with a cat's spine. I also have to question the wisdom of posting that pic on the carnival. I think a lot of folks are going to be outraged, despite the fact that they don't know the cat or the person involved. I'm deeply troubled by both the act and your decision to post the pic.


Thanks for a great Carnival! I gotta tell you, though -- Lucky's picture isn't a link. We want the full story!

And with respect, I must agree with the comment above about BooBoo being carried by the tail. Cats are not built to be carried that way. Even if it didn't hurt BooBoo now, it may well do so in the future.


relax, y'all, I'm no sadist -- see comments by post. Just wanted to show what a weirdo he is...

I agree re: Lucky. Whose honor got defended here, and what is the tale of bravery and kittyderringdo?


I just knew I'd miss one. It's linked now.


Great Carnivale des Felines,'s a link to some wonderful Scottish wildebeests:


cool pictures


I just want to say that the "cool pictures" quote attributed to me was in fact posted by an interloper. My son Kenny, who's soon to scarper to Montreal. Don't get me started.

Anise Coen

Really nice and cool photos. I like them.

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