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March 01, 2005



Have to say this is bogus, because not ONE of these tests takes place in the kitchen... surely there is a way to write one in?

Possibly in combination with Test#2 - after allowing the suspected PB to get FULLY settled into the freshly laundered underwear on the bed, the evaluator could do either of two things in the kitchen:

open the refrigerator

open ANY snackfood (twinkie, chips, etc.)

If the evaluator has time to get the refrigerator door COMPLETELY open before the dog arrives in the kitchen, or if the evaluator has time to have even ONE bite of the snackfood before the dog arrives in the kitchen, it is NOT a bully breed. For most accurate results, the bedroom and kitchen should be on opposite ends of the house, at least one TV should be on, and the dog should have just eaten a large meal.

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